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About ‘Driving Lessons Booking Service’ (DLBS)

Driving Lessons Booking Service‘(DLBS) is a one stop shop that caters for all your driving needs, whether you are a pupil or a driving instructor.

  • driving lessons booking,
  • block booking driving lessons,
  • driving lesson prices,
  • driving lesson gift vouchers,
  • the intensive driving courses we have available (Pass Plus, motorway driving tuition,…),
  • DSA approved driving instructors,
  • driving instructor training,
  • driving lessons,
  • contacts with driving schools anywhere in the UK,
  • and more…
We have a huge database of UK driving instructors who have registered their services with us. This means that you can offer you a driving lessons booking service where you can book your driving lessons, organise your Pass Plus driving courses and motorway lessons, and more…

We can even arrange a mock driving test (most driving instructors will give you mock driving tests as you approach driving test standard). A mock driving test will get you used to practical test situations, so hopefully your driving test will not seem quite so daunting.

We also offer refresher driving lessons for those who have already passed their driving test but feel they need to brush up their driving skills, or just need to gain a little extra confidence.


Save Time and Money

Our ‘Driving Lessons Booking Service‘ (DLBS) is unique in that it saves the pupil (who wants to learn to drive) and driving instructors (looking for learner drivers) time and money:

  • Learner Drivers/Pupils save time because we have a huge database of DSA approved driving instructors across the UK, and they save money because we have arranged block bookings discounts with local driving instructors in the surrounding areas where they want to learn to drive and because our driving lessons booking service is FREE (they only pay for the driving lessons),
  • Driving Instructors save time because we provide them with learner drivers ready for driving instruction from driving instructors, and they save money because registration with our service is free and there is no advertising cost (they only pay a us fee when a referred pupil pays them their driving tuition fee).


How Our ‘Driving Lessons Booking Service’ Works

This is how our booking service works:

  • Learner Drivers/Pupils By registering necessary details with us, we will let them know if we have approved driving instructors in their surrounding areas + their driving lesson prices + a link to book a driving instructor of their choice. Once a booking is made, the chosen driving instructor will phone them and make all the arrangements for their first driving lesson at a time that suits them,
  • Driving Instructors If we have a pupil who makes a booking for their driving tuition services, then we will contact them (or their driving school). They will then decide if they want to accept this booking or not. If they decide to accept the booking, then we will send them the pupil details we have, and they will be required to make a firm booking directly with the pupil.


Driving Instructor Training

If you are interested in becoming a driving instructor, check out our driving instructor training page. We will assist in finding you a local driving school that offers DSA approved driving instructor training.


‘Driving Lessons Booking Service’
(DLBS) is an ideal booking service


We put learner drivers and
driving instructors together

They both save time and money