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By filling in the form below, you will be able to find out if we have any local driving instructors (+ their driving lesson prices) registered with us.

You will then be able to select the driving instructor of your choice, make a booking online, and s/he will phone you to arrange your first driving lesson.

Because our Driving Lesson Booking Service is FREE, you will only need to pay for your driving lessons. We get our commission from the driving instructor we refer to you.


Driving Lessons Quotes Form (Obligation Free)

Booking your driving lessons with a local driving instructor is a 4-step process which is FREE, obligation free and confidential.

Step 1 Fill in the form below with the necessary information and we will check our database to see if we have at least one driving instructor in you area together with the driving lesson prices they charge.

Step 2 Once you have completed and submitted the form, a new web page will be displayed which will contain the results of our database search ie. details of all the driving instructors we have available in your area + the prices they charge. This page will also contain a link to book your driving lessons if you want to (see next step).

Step 3 Using the link displayed on the page mentioned in step 2, you will then be able to book driving lessons with the local driving instructor of your choice.

Step 4 Your chosen driving instructor will then contact you to arrange your first driving lesson.

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2. please ensure you have got a valid provisional UK driving licence before completing the form below. If you do not yet have a provisional driving licence you will need to apply to the DVLA. Application forms are available from your local Post Office.

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If you have any problems/concerns with the form, please click here to send us an email outlining the problem/concern. We are more than happy to help you as best as we can.


Obligation Free and Confidential

The use of our form is totally obligation free and confidential. This means that:

– you can use the form just to find out if we have approved driving instructors in your surrounding areas + their driving lesson prices. In other words, you don’t have to make a driving lessons booking if you don’t want to,

– our registered driving instructors will not have access to your contact details until you make a booking (which is an optional step),

– your registration details will not be sold, shared, given away,… We take your privacy very seriously.

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Full Hour Driving Lessons

To make sure you get value for money, we make sure that all our driving instructors provide the full 60 mins of driving instruction for each hour paid.

Be aware that some driving schools that advertise cheap driving lessons only provide 45/50 mins driving tuition. Some companies even have two pupils in the car taking turns at driving.

We don’t recommend such practices as we believe that a proper driving lesson should be at least 1 hour long, and that the 1-hour lesson should be yours and yours only, not shared with someone else.

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Driving Lesson Prices

Although driving lesson prices vary according to location, we will try to get the best deal for you.

Student Concessions

Students usually receive discounts on producing their student card.


Extensive Database of Approved Driving Instructors

We have an extensive database of DSA approved driving instructors nationwide (UK), so you can be sure that we will find an approved driving instructor in your surrounding areas + their driving lesson prices.

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Driving Lessons Gift Vouchers

The form above can also be used to order a driving lessons gift voucher to give as a present (Christmas, birthday, 18th or 21st,…) and arrange when lessons start with your selected driving instructor. Buying in blocks of 5 or 10 hours will of course entitle you to a discount.

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Driving Lessons Considerations

Here are some things you will want to keep in mind as you book your driving lessons.

  • Hourly/Weekly You can book 1-hour or 2-hour driving lessons per week, each week. Most people learn to drive this way, but it will probably take you about 30 to 40 hours of driving tuition before you can go for your driving test.
  • Block Bookings You can pre-pay 10 or even 20 hours of driving lessons to obtain a discount. You can then split these block booked driving lessons how you want: 1, 1.5,or 2-hour driving lessons. This is a more intensive way to learn to drive but you would reach the driving test standard much quicker. Most driving instructors recommend driving lessons 2 to 3 hours per week with lots of driving practice with family and friends.
  • Semi-Intensive Driving Course This driving course requires 4 to 8 hours of driving tuition per week. It would probably have you reach driving test standard in around 30 hours of driving training. This is fast enough for most people if you remember you also need to pass your theory test before you can book a practical test. Keep in mind that waiting times for practical tests vary but are usually around 6-8 weeks.
  • Intensive Driving Course This driving course requires 8 hours of driving tuition or more per week. It suits people who have passed their theory test and who already have some driving experience. Pupils who take this intensive driving course usually have good reasons to learn to drive this way ie. they need a driving licence quickly for their job. These intense driving courses need to be planned by passing a theory test and then booking a driving test and arranging intensive driving lessons to start and finish just before the planned test date. Problem with this is what if your training does not go as planned, its now too late to cancel your test you lose your test fee, or worse still go and fail your test! According to the Driving Standards Agency pass rates for intensive driving courses are much lower than weekly and semi-intensive driving lessons (government figures).


Driving Courses

For your information, we have a number of driving courses available for folks who already have a driving licence and who wish to increase their driving confidence and their driving skills.

  • Pass Plus This driving course is 6 hours long, can only be taken after passing your practical test, and includes motorway and night driving . It can be taken with any registered driving instructor within one year of passing your driving test to gain a certificate which then entitles you to a discount of 25%-30% off your car insurance with most companies. Savings of £500 to £1000 can be made. This is not another driving test but a course of driving instruction with a DSA qualified driving instructor.
  • Refresher Driving Course This course is for people who have passed their driving test but who need a few driving lessons to build their confidence and increase their awareness of traffic.
  • Motorway Lessons We recommend that everyone under the age of 21, who have pass their driving test, to take the Pass Plus driving course. All people who pass their test should . Motorways can be a frightening place, even for some drivers with years of experience, which is why we recommend at least 2 hours of driving instruction on motorway driving from a qualified driving instructor.


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