Pass Plus Driving Course

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Pass Plus Driving Course

Have you passed your driving test yet? . . . Then why don’t you enrol in a Pass Plus driving course?

Pass Plus Driving Course (picture)

  • This driving course is 6+ hours long and includes motorway driving instruction and night driving tuition to increase your driving skills and confidence. It can be taken with DSA approved driving instructors within one year of passing your driving test,
  • on passing the course, you will be granted a certificate which will entitle you to a discount of 25%-30% off your motor insurance with most car insurance companies. Savings of £500 to £1000 can be made. The Government, DSA, and 63% of private car insurance companies support Pass Plus.

Understand that this is not another practical driving test but a driving course of instruction with a DSA approved driving instructor, and that it is not suitable for learner drivers but for new drivers wanting to expand their driving experience.

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Why Do the Pass Plus Course

The simple reason why new drivers need to take the Pass Plus driving course is very simple: new drivers make up just 10% of driving license holders but are involved in 29% of accidents.

The Pass Plus driving course is designed to help new drivers get more driving experience and road awareness, and to that end consists of 6 driving modules covering the following driver training:

  • Town driving
  • All weather driving
  • Out of town driving (rural roads)
  • Night driving
  • Dual carriageway driving
  • Motorway driving

As explained above, there is no practical driving test to take at the end of the Pass Plus driving course, and on completion of the course with your driving instructor, the DSA will send you a certificate. More information can be found at Pass Plus Driving Course

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Pass Plus Driving Course Modules

The Pass Plus driving course consists of 6 modules (which amounts to 6+ hours of driver training) after passing the practical driving test. This course gives new drivers lots of driving experience in different conditions and roads.

This Pass Plus driving course can be taken with any DSA approved driving instructor within one year of passing your driving test. This will then enable you to obtain a certificate which will entitle you to a discount of 20% – 45 % off car insurance with most insurers. It is not unusual to save £500 – £1000 or more for drivers under the age of 21.

The Pass Plus training course is not like a practical driving test. It is instead a driver training course, supervised by a driving instructor, specifically designed to give you more driving experience and confidence, as well as help you develop your driving skills.

As mentioned above, the driving course consists of 6 modules (of at least 1 hour each):

  • Module 1 Introduction and explanation of driving course (positive driving skills) + town driving. This covers what you will already have covered when you practiced driving in the area around your local driving test centres: junctions, bus lanes, roundabouts, observations, etc…
  • Module 2 All weather driving experience. The theory covers rain, snow, sleet, fog and bright sunshine, braking in different conditions. Driving practice is available if the opportunity allows.
  • Module 3 Out of town and rural roads. This covers observation and consideration for things you may meet, keeping a safe distance, bends, hills, etc… Again you may have covered most of this in your driving practice sessions near your driving test centres.
  • Module 4 Night driving. This will take place after lighting up time (dusk-dark). It covers importance of headlights, judging speeds and distance, looking for hazards, cyclists, pedestrians, etc… The Pass Plus driving course covers most things you will meet in your daily driving experience.
  • Module 5 Dual carriageway driving. This is the driver training you will really need after passing your practical driving test. It covers effective observations (mirrors-blind spots), judgment, planning, 2-second gap for braking safety, overtaking, joining and leaving carriageways and lane discipline.
  • Module 6 Motorway driving. You are going to gain valuable driving experience from this part of the course. This part of the Pass Plus driving course covers joining and leaving motorways, planning journeys in advance, signs, signals and road markings, lane discipline, motorway fatigue and breakdown procedures.

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PS Most driving instructors charge between £125 and £150 for this course. Contact us and we will arrange for a DSA approved driving instructor to phone and arrange your Pass Plus course.

PPS Remember if you are under 21 years old, this course could save you 20% – 45% off your motor insurance quote with insurers who support this scheme.


Pass Plus driving course: the perfect way
to gain on the road driving confidence