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Driving Instructor Training Requirements

To become a driving instructor, you will need to meet the following Driving Standards Agency (DSA) requirements:

  • you must have held a full driving licence for at least three years,
  • you must be able to read a number plate where the letters are 79.44mm from 27.5 m (90 ft),
  • you must be a fit and proper person to have your name entered into the official driving instructor register (ADI). All convictions including motoring offences still in force, may be taken into account when assessing your suitability,
  • you must pass the compulsory 3-part driving instructor training exam (explained below).

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Driving Instructor Training Exams

The 3-part driving instructor training exam you will be required to pass is:

  • Part 1 A theory test conducted at one of the DSA test centres throughout the UK. This test, consisting of 100 multiple choice questions in 1.5 hours, will require a pass mark of 85%,
  • Part 2 A practical driving test also conducted at one of the DSA test centres. This will last about one hour and will require you to display a very high standard of driving. You are allowed a maximum of 6 minor faults,
  • Part 3 A test of instructional ability which will involve role play by the examiner as two different pupils (designed to be similar to real driving lessons). Again this test will be taken with a DSA examiner from one of the test centres. A very high standard of driving tuition must be demonstrated to qualify, clarity and correctness is vital. The test lasts approximately 1 hour.

Once you have completed and passed the exam, you will be qualified as a DSA approved driving instructor. You will then be able to expect to make an average earnings of £630 for working 35 x 1-hour driving lessons (less all expenses).

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Need Help with Driving Instructor Training?

If you need help with your driving instructor training, let us know. We can arrange advanced driver training, or driving instructor courses,  with one of our many DSA approved driving instructors (or driving schools) registered with us, throughout the UK.

The two parts of your driving instructor training we can specifically help you with are (using the 3-part exam mentioned above):

  • your driving ability (part 2): you will need to have extra driving tuition, probably in the region of 5 to 10 hours, to bring your driving ability up to the required test standard which you will need to demonstrate on your test day,
  • your instructional ability (part 3): you will need to have at least 40 hours quality training (a DSA requirement) signed off by your trainer. This is because on test day, you will need to demonstrate a high standard of verbal communication to the examiner.  You may find this part of your driving instructor training as difficult as not everyone is able to communicate clear and concise verbal instructions as is needed during learner driver training. But it is a skill you can learn.

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I Am a New Driving Instructor, Now What?

Now that you have completed your driving instructor training and become a DSA approved driving instructor with the right qualifications, your next step is to decide if you want to start your own driving school or work through an established driving school. You will need to give this some deep consideration such as: will you be able to generate enough pupils on your own?

Whichever decision you make, we strongly suggest that you register with us as a driving instructor or as a driving school as we should be able to either supply you with pupils, or place you with a driving school who needs driving instructors.

If you decide to go with a driving school, you will probably have to pay a franchise fee which will cover your supply of pupils (and possible materials which you will need for your pupils). Don’t make the mistake of going with one of the large national training companies as you may end up paying exorbitant franchise fees + possibly fees for each pupil they supply you.

And if you decide to go it alone, another thing to consider is: do you have your own dual control car? Pupils don’t want to learn in an old tatty car with an L plate stuck front and back! They are paying for and expect a professional service ie. clean modern car with headboard etc.

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If you need help to become a driving instructor, or you feel you need additional driver instructor training, or you would like us to put you in touch with one of our instructor trainers, feel free to use the form below. We are very happy to help you as best we can with any aspect of your driving instructor training. We will, of course, get back to you as soon as we can.

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