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Book your driving lessons online and be ready for your licence.
Book your driving lessons online and get your driving licence first time!

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We currently have thousands of DSA approved driving instructors and driving schools from all over the UK registered with us, over 3000 in fact! So, booking your next block of driving lessons with us is very convenient and it costs you nothing.

Note: while our driving lessons booking service is free, the driving lessons are not.


Our Qualified Registered Driving Instructors

All our driving instructors and driving schools are registered with the DSA (Driving Standards Agency). This means that:

  • you will learn to drive with one of our DSA approved driving instructors,
  • you will receive excellent and vital learning to drive tips,
  • you will receive professional and practical driving lessons,
  • you will be advised by your driving instructor when you are ready to take the driving test which is made up of a driving theory test and a driving practical test,
  • you will receive driving instruction training by one of our local driving instructors in the surrounding areas of your home,
  • you will be taught to drive a manual or an automatic car,
  • you can even have refresher driving lessons if that is what you feel you need,
  • and lots more!

So, book your driving lessons online with us, and learn to drive with DSA approved instructors, who are professional and experienced.

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  PS The Driving Standards Agency  (DSA, a government appointed body that controls the driving schools industry) actively monitors all registered driving instructors and driving schools. These are continually graded at regular intervals. PPS In case you are wondering, we do have a list of Recommended Driving Instructors.


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